Hotel Spoleto, Palazzo Dragoni
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On the main floor of the Palazzo Dragoni is the room service breakfast where guests, from 08 to 10, will be able to use the buffet, set up every day, to satisfy the most discerning palates. While our sweet taste, your vision will go beyond the large windows to see the beauty of the landscape will change with the change of seasons.

The location of Palazzo Dragoni, on fine days, you will arrive to Assisi with his eyes, focusing on Trevi, Spello and Montefalco. But even during less beautiful spectacle of nature will be exclusive to you and maybe in a foggy day will seem to float on the clouds that flood the valley.

The hostess will welcome you with the scent of various delicacies prepared by her, so carefully in the early morning, with the genuine products that still manages to find in the countryside around Spoleto. If you eat a slice of tart you sure that was prepared with homemade jam.